Preparing for the Unexpected

Disaster Preparedness
Posted: May 11, 2015

Fast approaching Storm Season isn’t the only thing we need to be ready for. If you haven’t taken a moment yet, run through this quick list of Seasonal and General prep tips for your auto, home and family.

  • Make a GO Bag for weather emergencies. Include a clothing change, medicines, a cell charger,weather radio, cash and emergency credit cards, a whistle, water and Ready to Eat Meals for

    three days. Don’t forget pet care items as well.

  • Have emergency drills with the kids regularly. Make designated safe locations the family will gather to, in the event of both an in-home emergency (like a fire that damages the home), or a flee-away emergency, like an ice storm that damages the area.

  • Create at least one Social Media family “location” where all in the family can check in if you are separated when an emergency occurs.

  • Know where your important papers are, like: home insurance declaration pages, medical insurance cards, a medicines/health conditions list, auto insurance cards and copied of your Birth Certificate and Drivers License. Have copies in your GO Bag.

PREPARE: Have your Car Inspected.

Make sure you have the anti-freeze

checked as well as the oil changed,

filters replaced, and the tires inspected.

Keep the car fueled as well. You never

know when a weather emergency may

make you flee quickly or have to come to

someone’s rescue!

PREPARE: Roof Inspection is a great

idea, although often overlooked. Replace

any damaged, missing or lifting shinges

immediately and look for signs of eave

damage. Also, inspect the Chimney if you

have one, and have the flue cleaned


PREPARE: In addition to having a good

spare and tire changing tools, have a

small Emergency Car Kit. Keep jumper

cables, a portable tire inflator, fuses, a

fire extinguisher, blankets (ever change

a tire in the mud or snow?), flares, a bag

of salt, sand or cat litter for traction

and/or ice reduction & a small tool kit.

PREPARE: Inspect waterhoses and

exterior pipes. Take a long look at your Facia and Paint to see if you need to make minor repairs. Additionally, remove debris from around your home. Don’t leave a place

for bugs or termites to nest!

PREPARE: Have a Survival Kit. Include

an emergency first aid kit, nonperishable

high energy foods like hard

candy, dried nuts, energy bars and

water, wooden matches in a waterproof

container, compass, reflective clothing or

triangles, working flashlights and


PREPARE: Have your air conditioning

unit inspected. You should have the filter

changed, checked for coil condition &

reviewed for gas leaks and wear and

tear. Exterior units are designed for

outside conditions. If they are exposed to

leaf or debris accumulation they may be

covered, but NEVER cover a heat pump


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